Irene van Peer

Irene van Peer challenges technology to find answers to human needs. The roots of this approach can be found in her study at the TU-Delft/Faculty of Industrial Design and at the Design Academy where she graduated cum laude in ’87.

Initially working at design offices (including working for nine years at Landmark design & technology) she now has her own design studio.(2000)

Her main focus has been in projects for the medical and healthcare sector. These projects vary from working with medical specialists developing joint prostheses to a project in the townships of South Africa focussing on sanitation problems. Starting with Sofos, a bench for a waiting area, she went on to design a whole range of project furniture for Eromes.

In addition Irene has been involved in projects developing future visions, looking for a unifying concept such as in the intelligent kitchen for Atag; new food concepts for hospitals and lately an identity vision for Eromes.

Designing project furniture for Eromes has been a continuous thread through Irene’s career over the last 10 years.

In  2006 Irene initiated an on-going project based collaboration with Pilots Design Amsterdam.